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Social Means Freedom, for Better or Worse 

Another astute take from Nilofer Merchant, this time on the future of work:

"Work is freed. This changes not only how we work at the broadest levels — and how we organize every single part of our organizations — but what we make, how we produce and distribute it, and how we market and sell it. Is that scary? For many, yes. But, for better or worse, social is giving us this freedom. The question now is what we do with it."

I love that Nilofer acknowledges the inherent uncertainty and fear that exists around this. So few work futurists pay that any heed, and it is an important factor in how we will realize the potential of a free talent force.

(Nilofer Merchant for HBR)

The Broken "Buy-1, Give-1" Model: 3 Ways to Save Tom's Shoes 

An important cautionary tale about the imperative to think big and investigate deeply when conceiving your brand’s social purpose and how you will deliver on it.

The Inspirational Power of Brand Purpose

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on brand purpose, and  in trolling the Internet, re-discovered this video of P&G Global Marketing & Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard explaining how the Company is using purpose-driven brand building and creative innovation to thrive even in uncertain economic conditions. Pritchard introduces and discusses the Company’s core marketing strategy: that by improving people’s lives, P&G can do well by doing good.

Despite the dreary venue and attire - it seems to be some sort of been there done that marketing conference - the substance is stirring. The entire video is worth a watch (well, except for the first 26 seconds of introduction), but if you don’t have the half hour to spare, you can get the meat of Pritchard’s perspective in just 5 minutes - by watching from 2:28 to 7:23.

May it inspire you to find and live your brand purpose, making meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Companies and organizations that put purpose at the heart of what they do unleash a renewed passion in their customers and employees. They’ve taken the power of their brand and fine-tuned it as a force for good. And in doing so, they have made themselves incredibly and indelibly relevant to their customers.
Sam Wilson of Wolff Olins NY for Fast Company: The New Strategic Edge - Tapping Your Customers’ Personal Passions