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Are Millennials the Most Distracted or Engaged Generation?

While Internet addiction, bullying and diminishing attention spans are certainly of concern, the empowerment these new channels offer may outweigh the drivel. So argues Adora Svitak, the 14-year-old author, educator and speaker who recently discussed millennials and social media on stage at Mashable Connect in Orlando, Fla.

Full story: Mashable via emergentfutures

Finding your brand's social voice 

This Mashable post from November is a gem! It reveals how five great brands found their social voice. And as my instincts told me - even when working with a social media agency - the most compelling social expressions of these five brands were created from inside. Now I realize this view won’t endear me to my social media agency friends, but as a brand girl, I feel compelled to speak up. Expressing your brand through social venues is an inherently more intimate matter than expressing it through other media, and doesn’t readily lend itself to being farmed out.

If you are lucky, your Founder, CEO, or Chief Visionary has a propensity to tweet or post or snap, and is both engaging and engaged. If you can’t spur them to it, try embedding a fiction or screen play writer or journalist into your brand culture and have them draw from their ensuing experiences and observations to create and evolve a compelling character and voice. Leave the more expertise-based and less soulful aspects of your social media planning and execution to your hired social media marketing guns.