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Big Babol XXL Ambient advertising
Via jaymug

Big Babol XXL Ambient advertising

Via jaymug

Timeline: Great Moments In Creative Direction

(via Critical Eye: Details.com via Liquid Agency)

Such an eye stopping and whimsical ad, completely consistent with the Fiat brand.

Fiat Original Parts via visualgraphic

Left Brain Right Brain

A captivating ad by Mercedes.

The New Yorker weighs in on "Half Time In America" 

An interesting look by the New Yorker on Chrysler and Wieden + Kennedy’s Half-Time In America Super Bowl spot. The power of this brand-building ad is reflected in the meaningful conversation it triggers.

The best Super Bowl brand ad 

Chrysler won the Super (Ad) Bowl again this year with its Imported from Detroit spot featuring Clint Eastwood. Unlike many of my colleagues in advertising, as a brand girl I thought that the best spot in the 2011 Super Bowl was the Imported from Detroit spot featuring Eminem. As much as I shared everyone’s enchantment with VW’s Darth Vadar ad, I thought that the Chrysler ad delivered a much stronger brand building experience because it delivered a deeply compelling and socially relevant narrative that was appropriate to a game played by two teams that celebrate labor - the Packers and the Steelers. Most importantly, I thought that the ad provided the foundation for on ongoing social movement and narrative. Detroiters loved the ad, and it did indeed become a local rallying cry for digging deep and rebuilding in the face of tremendous adversity. Now, I am pleased to see that Chyrsler and agency Wieden + Kennedy delivered on the narrative potential by extending the story of the auto makers’ remarkable recovery during the past year to what’s possible for America. The coupling of a powerful and socially engaging story, supported by business strategy and quality products, is how brands are built for the long run.